24 maj 2019 |

Web-broadcast of seminar with experts from Canada, Switzerland and Europe on radioactive waste

Three international experts on radioactive waste visited Sweden invited by MKG and Milkas. In a seminar in Stockholm on May 24th, 2019, they shared their knowledge of the radioactive waste situation in Canada, Switzerland and Europe at a seminar at the office of Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Stockholm. Johan Swahn from MKG also commented on the situation of the Swedish government review of the license application for a repository for spent fuel at the Forsmark nuclear powerplant.

A web-broadcast of the seminar can be seen via this link.

Guests and presentations: 
- Dr. Gordon Edwardspresident, Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility.
Nuclear waste in a Canadian perspective >>
Marcos Buser, 
geologist and social scientist, Institute for sustainable waste management INA Ltd, Zürich
Nuclear waste in a Swiss perspective >>
- Jan Haverkampsenior expert nuclear energy for Greenpeace and WISE
Nuclear waste from a European perspective >> 
Johan Swahn, director, Swedish NGO Office for Nuclear Waste Review (MKG)
Comments on the ongoing licensing review of the planned repository for used nuclear fuel in Forsmark

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