The government gives SKB the opportunity to comment on the opinions from the court and regulator

On June 1, the Swedish government gave the nuclear waste company SKB the opportunity to supplement and comment in the on-going government review of the license for the planned repository for spent nuclear fuel in Forsmark.

The government sent three letters to the nuclear waste company, which has until January 7, 2019 to respond. One letter gives the company the opportunity to supplement its license application as a result of the Land and Environmental Court's opinion under the Environmental Code to the Government on January 23. The court said no to the application due to problems with the integrity of the copper canister that is to prevent leakage of radioactivity. As an appendix to the letter, there is the opinion of the Environmental Court.

A second letter gives the company an opportunity to comment on the opinions in the governmental review received by the Ministry of the Environment during the spring. There are documents and opinions from the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority, SSM, i.e. the regulator, corrosion researchers and the Nature Conservation Association together with MKG.

A third letter gives the nuclear waste company the opportunity to comment on SSM's opinion to the government on 23 January under the Nuclear Engineering Act. The regulator said yes to the license application as they understood that any problems that exist could be solved later after a possible governmental permit. Here too, the company is given the opportunity to comment on documents and opinions that have been sent in to the ministry during the spring.

The letters (all in Swedish) can be found in a news article on MKG’s Swedish web site.